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This factory was foundated in 1998 as the result of Juana María Espinosa Tófalo's dream. She wondered to process organic jam using the fresh fruits of our beautiful land, Fresia, located in the Region de los Lagos.

We work without any colorant or flavoring and we process the same fruits we harvest. Our jams are totally organic, even the irrigation system water comes from our well. The owner of the factory, Mrs Juana, makes the jam with her own hands, so she can give a bit of love to each jar.

You’ll notice and enjoy the love and dedication she puts in the jams because it brings the mystical and magic of the South of Chile..

It’s our greatest wish to obtain the best quality and flavor to get your preference.

The duration of the products are two years from the date of elaboration.

The beautiful region Los Lagos spontaneously gives us its fruits like the Nalca, Rosa Mosqueta, Plum, Murta etc. We refuse to use fumigation or any other invasive and chemical substance and treat our products with natural systems and without human intervention.